Self Protection Courses

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The course is meticulously designed to empower teenagers with invaluable tools that enable them to navigate real-life situations with confidence & composure.

We also aim to boost the confidence of every participant. By imparting practical knowledge & honing essential life skills, we ensure that students emerge from the programme with an enhanced sense of self-assurance. Confidence is a key component in personal safety & we strive to instill it in every participant to empower them in various aspects of their lives.

Our Self Protection course advocates conflict avoidance. We believe in equipping teenagers with more than just physical self-defense skills – we prioritise instilling a deep understanding of conflict avoidance & personal safety strategies.

The course provides:

Improved confidence for most students

Restraint for the overly confident who may exasperate a conflict situation

Tools students can use to effectively manage confrontation outside of the school environment

Our Instructors are highly experienced in Self Protection & have a passion for teaching teens to be strong, resilient & confident.