Seen Children Shine.

I have personally seen children shine by the end of the lesson who were reserved in themselves, with no self confidence at the beginning of the class. If anyone has any doubts if kickboxing is right for their child, do one free trial class & be prepared to be amazed how much they enjoy it & the change it can bring.


Alex is awesome - we feel very lucky our son has the opportunity to learn with him. He loves his lessons with Alex.

Very Inspirational.

Very inspirational! My son always enjoys your sessions so much.

An Amazing Person.

You know how sometimes in life you just by chance meet an amazing person? Matt is one of my family's chance finds. He's kind, fun, patient, courteous, caring & quite simply a great role model. Matt & his team have had an incredibly positive impact on our son's confidence personally not just as a kickboxer.

Instructors are Fantastic.

My son has enjoyed every experience he has had with Samurai over the years. From being very nervous at his 1st holiday camp to attending weekly classes at school & online over the pandemic, he has now grown in confidence & skill. He enjoys his weekly classes & sparring sessions & can't wait for the next holiday camp. All the Instructors are fantastic!

Love Going.

My boys have been Kickboxing with Samurai for nearly 5 years. The lessons are always pitched really well for their different abilities & they've made great progress each year. Fitness, discipline, core strength have all massively improved & more importantly, they love going.

Excellent Professionalism.

Amanda (Samurai Kickboxing Dorset) is fabulous. She has shown excellent professionalism & guidance towards my son during classes. Amanda makes kickboxing fun, energetic & exciting with clear direction. The change in confidence in my 10 year old is refreshing to see. I can highly recommend Amanda & Samurai Kickboxing Dorset.


Matt & his team are just amazing! They are inspirational & my 8 year old daughter (who has been taking classes since she was 4) wants to be an Instructor when she grows up! They teach the children kickboxing but also respect, discipline, self defence & instil confidence that I can see in my daughter.

Amazing Teacher.

Thank you so much for your time, effort & kindness over the past years. Alex is a credit to Samurai & an amazing teacher! My sincere thanks for his time, effort & encouragement with my daughter’s kickboxing.


We’ve seen Samurai blossom in the 7 years we’ve been with you. You should be very proud of what you’ve built.


A huge thank you for your after school classes. My son started recently & absolutely loves his sessions. He was incredibly proud to achieve his red belt. many thanks for providing him with such a welcoming & encouraging start to the sport.

Discipline, Manners & Respect.

Great teachers, always very positive & encouraging. I always felt confident leaving my boys with the Instructors. Great cardio exercise, best workout of the week! Brilliant for building discipline, manners & respect for others.

Grow Stronger.

The classes have kept my boys super fit & taught them so much. We have enjoyed watching Samurai grow stronger. We were particularly impressed with the way in which you dealt with lock down.

Full of Energy.

My son absolutely loved the summer camp. It was so good for him to have structure & exercise for the week after the long months at home & he came home beaming & full of energy every day.

Amazing Kickboxing Party.

I just wanted to say thank you for an absolutely amazing kickboxing party. Kids & parents were so impressed!

Samurai Family.

We have been part of the Samurai family for 6 years now & we wouldn’t choose any other company for our girls. We think you are all awesome!

Focus & Confidence Grown.

Our daughter’s focus & confidence has grown & her agility is really impressive. Achieving purple belt & getting her first boxing gloves are the highlight of her year! We can see the progress she’s made & she has a genuine interest & passion for kickboxing. This is thanks to the incredible Instructors she’s had along the way.

Lockdown Help.

Thank you so much for setting up the online lessons so quickly during lockdown. It’s really helped the boys. Alex, Mike & Kelly are the 5th, 6th & 7th most seen people by our family at the moment… them & Joe Wicks!

You Have a Gift.

I can tell that you guys have a gift. Witnessing the way you engage with & encourage the group, making sure everyone gets the level of attention they deserve, is heartwarming.

So Positive.

Thank you! The online classes have been brilliant. A good way to keep them interested, active & progressing in lockdown which is so positive!

Lovely Instructors.

Samurai Kickboxing run such great camps! The kids do kickboxing & there’s so many other fun activities as well. Lovely instructors too.

So Well Run.

The kickboxing camps are so well run. They’re always such good fun! It’s one of the best things my son has become involved in, he absolutely loves it!

Very Patient.

Thank you for all the online classes, My son has really been enjoying them. I take my hat off to the coaches - they are very patient!

Far Excelled Anything Else.

I want to thank you for your commitment, dedication & effort throughout the past year. It has not gone unnoticed all the work you have done to keep Samurai Kickboxing going through COVID. Watching your energy to keep our children’s enthusiasm going via video link has been commendable. You have far excelled anything else we have been offered for our children & you have helped not only in their fitness & skills building but also in bringing structure to their endless weeks at home. This has been invaluable.

Routine & Normality.

I’d like to express my utmost thanks to the team for all their time & effort in providing Zoom classes throughout the lockdown period. My son engaged with all the Instructors & enjoyed having access to multiple sessions each week. He ended each session feeling buoyant & keen to show me his skills. My thanks also for providing classes during the half term break. It really provided a sense of routine & normality in what has otherwise been a very strange year.

Big Smiles.

Just wanted to say thank you to ma’am (Kelly) for her great lessons. Both my kids love your classes, my daughter most definitely is thriving from them! Big smiles all round!


I would like to commend you on all of the communication you have sent to your students during Covid & the very fast pace at which you quickly adapted to online sessions to ensure none of your students missed out.

Good Approach.

Please thank the Instructor for the taster session class. He is a great teacher & has a really good approach with learners. My son loved it & is really keen even to do the grading element which he normally isn't confident to do.

Fun, Creative, Dynamic.

I would just like to thank you for all your hard work that you put into the girls’ kickboxing classes. I know they thoroughly enjoy their fun, creative & dynamic classes so much & we can really see the progress both of them are making. We really appreciate all of your hard work.

Skilful Teaching.

I just want to say how impressed I am with your Instructors dealing with a new student’s difficult behaviour & lack of discipline. They have persevered with kind firmness & there’s been a huge improvement in the child's behaviour & participation in class. It’s been so heartening to see them not giving up on him & having the skill to not let his behaviour have a detrimental effect on the rest of the class. That takes some skilful teaching & shows their genuine love for the children & their work. I just wanted to let you know that you’re doing a great job!

Thank You.

Thank you for all that you guys have done, Both boys gain so much from the classes they attend.


Thank you all for your support over the last several years. My son has been encouraged to stay fit & see himself as athletic thanks to the regular encouragement from his Instructor.

Great Experience.

I'd like to say a huge thank you to the Instructors for the sessions this week. The boys have really enjoyed them & it's been great to have something active for them to do during half term! They always enjoy their kickboxing but seeing them so animated about what they've done this week has been really lovely. As always the Instructors have been engaging & worked so hard to give them a great experience.

Makes Me Happy.