Assistant Kickboxing Instructor

  • Don’t want to work behind a desk?

  • Want to make a difference to children’s lives?

  • Want a job that offers genuine career & personal growth opportunities?

  • If the above points resonate with you, read on...!

This role provides the opportunity to learn on the job & progress from Trainee to Manager. It is for an outgoing communicator, with a flexible mindset that can learn quickly, is friendly, energetic, very driven, professional, punctual, fun & able to relate to children.

The job starts as an Assistant Instructor, teaching sport to primary school children from the ages of 4 to 14. The Assistant Instructor will be paid hourly & will master our syllabus & teaching techniques so they can deliver classes that keep children engaged, safe & enjoying learning.  

The successful applicant will progress onto becoming a Kickboxing Instructor managing classes on their own, building the professional relationships in the schools we operate, working at our events & teaching holiday camps. In this position, the Instructor will start on a monthly salary that reflects their level of responsibility, hours they work and skill in the job. The will also undertake some office duties relevant to their personality.

Building on success as an Instructor, the next role is that of Manager, developing, supporting & training other employees. The monthly salary in this role increases with defined responsibilities in customer service, marketing, finance & business development.

This is a brilliant opportunity to build a career, so those who are not passionate about the role & working with children will not be suitable. It is also not for someone wanting immediate financial success or with limited time to put into the business.

The role can be balanced with other part-time employment at the Assistant Instructor stage but the right candidate will be dedicated to becoming an Instructor - where this work will be their only job. The most suitable candidate will understand the initial small hours as an Assistant Instructor; will be rewarded with huge career progression, personal & financial growth as an Instructor & Manager.  As a consequence, we will only consider applicants with determination, a hard-work ethic & ability to think independently & manage their own working day.

Full training is provided.

Qualities/Personal Attributes

  • Driving licence

  • Own transport will be required at Instructor level

  • Ability to obtain advanced level DBS certification

  • Fluent in English is essential

  • No experience in teaching or qualifications in sport or martial arts is necessary

  • Good communication skills both written & verbal

  • Good level of fitness & a passion for sport


I first got in to martial arts when I attended my university Sports Freshers Fair in September 1998. It was there that I met my Tae Kwon-do Instructor Master Malcolm Jones (7th degree) & I have not stopped training since! I now have a black belt in Tae kwon-do (1st degree, 2001) Kickboxing WKA (1st degree, 2003), Judo (1st degree, 2007), Kickboxing IKF (1st degree, 2016), Kickboxing IKF (2nd degree, 2018), Kickboxing IKF (3rd degree, 2020).

I started Samurai kickboxing in the UK in 2010 & I have taught over 25,000 students since then. The company began after a2 year spell in Japan teaching children English.

On my return to the UK, my 4 year old nephew asked me to teach him Kickboxing & despite my reluctance to teach children martial arts, I relented & set up a session for him & a few of his mates. I loved it & my classes have grown from there.

I have gone on to build 2 martial art businesses that have allowed me to travel around the world, another of my life interests.

I currently (March ‘22) have 7 permanent Kickboxing Instructors who teach martial arts in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Dorset & Jersey.

Some of these Instructor’s had no Kickboxing experience so I have taught them from scratch in order for them to become qualified Kickboxing Instructors.

Other Instructors I have trained have gone on to;

  • A sport scholarship in an American University

  • Be hired in David Hayes’ gym in Dubai

  • Be a stuntman in international blockbusters such as Solo: A Star Wars Story, Wonder Woman, Game of Thrones & the latest Batman movie