Little Samurai Kickboxing Suits BLITZ (Age 4 to School Year 2)

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Suit Size (please refer to the size chart below before ordering)

Little Samurai students (age 4 - school year 2) wear BLUE Samurai Kickboxing branded suits. 

A suit is not required until your child takes their second Grading (RED to YELLOW Tag).

If these Blitz suits are out of stock in the size you require, we also have Bytomic suits available.

Blitz Suits

  • Traditional wrap over suit top
  • Trousers have an elastic / tie waistband
  • 65% polyester / 35% cotton

Blitz suit sizes relate to the shoulder to floor measurement of the child.

Suit Size Height (cm) - shoulder to floor
100cm 85cm
110cm 95cm
120cm 100cm
130cm 110cm
140cm 120cm
150cm 130cm