Break Boards

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These rebreakable swiftlock padded boards are perfect for inspiring confidence when practicing precision kicking & hand striking.

Designed to test the more experienced Martial Artists.

The boards are stiff to start with so should be used for kicking only until they loosen up. We would then recommend that students use only open hand strikes against break boards.

New Starter (Yellow) - for Little Samurai students & beginner or small Young Samurai students. Ideal for inspiring confidence in children. Perfect for learning what hitting a solid object may feel like.

Beginner (Orange) - for more experienced & older Little Samurai students or average size Young Samurai students. For children progressing in their training having developed some strength & confidence with hitting solid objects.

Intermediate (Green) - for teenagers and stronger students who are more experienced in Kickboxing.

Advanced (Red) - for adults. Designed to develop accuracy and power.


Great for inspiring confidence in younger students when training to punch and kick solid objects.

Intermediate Padded (Red): for those who are progressing in their training & have developed some strength & confidence with hitting break boards.

Advanced Padded (Black): only for advanced teenagers & stronger students . For those who would like to develop their strength further before moving onto the non-padded, standard smash boards.