Sparring Gloves

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Glove Weight (if unsure of sizing please speak to your instructor)

Specifically designed for children & adults.

Superior comfort design for a snug, lightweight fit & to increase protection. Reinforced stitching on bar grip to allow maximum enclosure when hand is clenched. Padded thumb to minimise risk of injury on impact. Velcro wrist strap for further support to minimise unnecessary sprains & injuries. Easy to wipe clean before & after use.

 -for student's aged 4 - 6 years old.
6oz -for student's aged 6 - 8 years old.
8oz -for student's aged 9 - 11 years old.
10oz - for student's aged 12 years old and above.
12oz - the heaviest weight glove we stock. Ideal for adults who want a slightly heavier glove. 

*Brand may vary*