UK Annual Tournament - Sunday 13th November

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Samurai Kickboxing UK's Annual Tournament is:

Sunday 13th November @ High Wycombe Judo Centre (HP12 4UE)

Little Samurai (age 4 - Year 2) 9am - 11.30am

Young Samurai (Years 3 - 6) & Samurai Kickboxers (Year 7+) 12.30pm - 4pm

All students are welcome regardless of how long they've been training. It's a fantastic opportunity to meet fellow kickboxing students & Instructors from across Samurai Kickboxing & participate in a relaxed & fun event!

Instructors will be practicing for the Tournament in their classes leading up to the day.

The aim is to give students a taster of a martial arts Tournament in a fun & safe environment - they can take part in the following competitions:

High Kick - how high can they kick against a measure

Power Technique - demonstrate power against a pad or break-board

Sequences - execution of consecutive techniques

Sparring - for students who have sparring experience & at the required belt level (see below). Must also have Samurai Kickboxing approved sparring equipment.

Little Samurai students Purple Tag & above
Young Samurai students Yellow Stripe & above
All Samurai Kickboxers

We look forward to seeing you there!